About Innovative Dental Implants

There are many reasons why people need dental implants. So rest assured that your implant needs are not unique. In fact, over 1-million people each year get dental implants in the United States. As our population continues to age, and with people living much longer, you are not alone in your need.

Please take a look at the common reasons for why people need implants, and choose the one that best matches your situation. Then, just give us a call or send us an email for a free, in person consultation.

Having a good set of teeth is critical for maintaining good health. So if you think you’re a candidate for dental implants, don’t delay. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Meet Our Team

Dr. James E. Butler, DMD




Dr. Butler is Central Ohio’s leading source for implant procedures and services. He is a leading authority on and certified trainer of non-invasive, cost-effective mini implant systems. Our In-House Laboratory and knowledge of over 20 implant systems provides you with a one-stop shop for most implant treatments. You can be assured you will know all of your options and have the most cost-effective and minimally invasive treatments that serves your needs.

Our staff, led by Dr. James Butler, has helped hundreds of people through the value of getting dental implants. And while some implant procedures can be costly, our experience in fitting you for the right procedure often times keeps the cost of service attainable for most of our patients. And for those that need financial aid, we can provide that too through our partnerships with American Health Care or Care Credit.

Dr. Butler graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry with Distinction in 1982. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association and the Columbus Dental Society. He is a founding member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.


Donald K. Martin, MBA/GM

Inspired by Dr. Butler’s original vision of Innovative Dental Implants (IDI), Martin is driven by the core values and mission of IDI…seeking to reduce patient cost of care through affordable Single-Stage-One-Piece (SSOP) systems, enabling serving a greater number of people in need of care. Martin’s contributions and competencies is support in creating IDIs culture and objective to be a learning organization that can inspire continual innovation…creating an inclusive environment in which people are enthusiastic partners in attaining organizational objectives. Martin is currently earning his doctorate degree in international organizational leadership, creating value for IDI in support of successful implementation of technology, business, and marketing strategies…keeping in mind focus on patient care. Martin’s extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience brings value to the team aligning theory and business experience in support of creating high level patient care experience.


Kimberlee Scott-O’Grady

Lead Dental Administrator

Kimberlee Scott-O’Grady has been in dentistry since 1968, and began clinically at chair side. Kim is the lead dental administrator, with a practice expertise in insurance administration and patient finance. Kim does all that is necessary to insure that our patients receive the insurance benefits they are entitled to under the terms of their policy, and goes the extra mile helping them understand their own policies. Daily you find Kim in the trenches, managing the daily schedule and assuring everything remains on track. Kim has two grown children, Kevin and Ryan, and the true apple of her eye is her granddaughter Emma Grace. Kim is an avid reader and enjoys supporting fund raising efforts for Homeless Families.


Natalie Dennison

Dental Hygienist

Natalie has been providing hygiene services at IDI since 2002. She first became interested in dentistry when she worked as a chair side dental assistant before entering the Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry. Natalie continues to challenge herself with “cutting edge” continuing education courses and additional licensure privileges such as: Ohio State Dental Board certification to treat patients without the presence of a dentist and the licensure to administer local anesthetic and to administer and monitor nitrous oxide sedation. Natalie’s greatest passion with her career is the relationships she has built with her patients by treating them as if they are a member of her own family. Natalie’s personal philosophy is that “long term dental disasters (oral breakdown); can be avoided with preventive hygiene appointments”. After a long week providing dental care, Natalie’s greatest retreat is spending time with her husband Abdellah and her two young children, Zakkaria and Zsofia.


Jennifer Briggs

New Patient Coordinator

Jennifer Briggs is the New Patient Coordinator for Innovative Dental Implants. She has been in dentistry since 1996 and loves serving her patients. Jennifer can be described as the hometown girl as she drives here daily from Lima Ohio where she resides with her husband Tony and his son Michael. Jennifer’s patient expertise is making each person feel at home and comfortable with their dentistry and also their dental decisions. She uses an advocacy approach when finding ways to help people afford their dentistry. Jennifer is an expert in the field of Implantology and her competence in this area is very beneficial for patient education. When Jennifer is not at work or driving to work she enjoys her horses, helping her husband build their new home, camping, working with 4H kids, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


Tina Reed

Certified Dental Assistant

Tina Reed’s passion for dentistry has her taking yet another step. Tina is back in school, training to gain her licensure as an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary. Tina loves to be the one that helps to improve her patient’s smiles. Her area of expertise in our practice is in making the best temporary crowns this side of the Mississippi. Since 1991 Tina has advanced her dental knowledge, putting her in high demand with other premiere implantologist, with her expertise in the placement of dental implants. Tina knows more about implants than most general dentists do. Tina is a retired competitive power lifter, is very active in her church, and spends much of her time scrapbooking and decorating her new home where she resides with her daughter Chrissy, a freshman at Ohio State University.


J.R. Cropper

Certified Dental Technician

J.R. Cropper is the Certified Dental Technician at Innovative Dental Implants. J.R.’s area of expertise in our practice is the fine craftsmanship and artistry that he puts in every crown or bridge he creates for us. John has a very keen eye for color and is often used during the patient examination in planning the perfect custom shade for that patient’s prosthesis. John is an avid runner and usually runs about 24 miles each week. He enjoys doing his own home improvement projects and helping others with theirs when needed. J.R. and his wife Ranie reside in Worthington Ohio with their two daughters Brenna and Sydney. As a family they are very active at the Xenos Christian Fellowship, and they love being together at the various sports events in which the girls participate.


Missy Shipley

Certified Dental Assistant

Missy Shipley has been in clinical chair side assistant since 1988. She finds dentistry to be very rewarding because she feels she affects the lives of so many patients in a positive way. Missy’s area of expertise in our practice is her ability to keep the schedule moving forward, as she is very organized and always willing to put others ahead of herself. Missy often needs reminded to take a break and eat her lunch. Nearly every patient that Missy sees makes a comment about how sweet and professional she is, and how at ease she made them feel. When Missy is at home she enjoys spending time with her husband Dameyon and her son Drey, and she re-energizes herself by taking long walks.

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